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Basic training and board.
Basic training includes the skills that a horse                         
will need to advance to the next level of training
for any discipline.
Basic training is a minimum of 60 days and a maximum of
90 days.

Training for a discipline and board. (without cattle)
This includes anything past basic training.

Calf roping training and board. (with cattle)
It takes a minimum of one year training for a
calf roping horse after completion of basic                             
training.  At about the half-way point in this
training, the horse should be able to transfer
straight into other events. This will also include fluid              
turnarounds, sliding stops, and cow work.

Board if not in training.
I do not board horses, this is only in place to cover
feed and labor if I am gone to shows for a month.

After completion of basic training and roping
training, most horses will be able to transfer
to another discipline. Reining, working cow
horse, heading, heeling, ranch horse competitions, etc.

Vet bills.
Farrier bills.
Dental work.
Feed supplements.
I have been surrounded by horses my entire life.  Whether it
be riding and competing for my own enjoyment or breaking
and training colts to sell.  I have learned throughout the
years that to successfully train a horse you must form a
relationship.  There must be a bond of trust between the
horse and trainer.  I will commit myself through time and
patience with each horse and let them reach their full
potential at their own pace.  Every horse is different.  Just
like people some develop faster than others.  Without trust
there is no relationship.